Ocean Ruler Slot Review
[ 21-09-2020 ]

Ocean Ruler Slot Review

This game isn’t a slot; instead, with no reels or spinning, this gorgeously designed, fun-filled and action-packed game by Skywind is a refreshing change of pace, giving you the chance to load your gun with bullets and lasers and the chance to win up to 800x your stake. Find out more at Tony88 Malaysia Online Slots.

The objective of Ocean Ruler is to obtain coins by shooting the different types of fish on the screen. You will come up against fish of various sizes and stamina, including a few ‘boss fish’ that only the bravest and most determined will be able to defeat for the top prizes.

There are a load of extra features you can use to increase your winning chances, including Autofire, Laser Beam and Big Drill free shots, plus fish/objects containing extra features such as multipliers, bombs, vortex, and chain reactions. We will look at the bonus features of this game in more detail below.

Ocean Ruler RTP & Volatility

Although the variance for Ocean Ruler has not been announced, the RTP is 97 per cent.

How To Play Ocean Ruler

1. Ocean Ruler can be played either by using the arrow and space keys on your keypad or by clicking on the game screen, so it is playable on desktop or mobile.

2. To start with, adjust your bet levels by clicking on the number next to your rocket.

3. Beneath the game, you will be able to see your balance in the bottom left-hand corner.

4. Click on the question mark icon in the bottom right-hand corner to bring up the game rules.

5. The ‘i’ icon in the bottom left-hand corner will bring up the paytable.

6. To start shooting, click on the screen or press the space bar on your keyboard. Double click on a particular fish to shoot a laser that will hold until the fish is killed and will move on to other of the same species.

Bet Sizes & Paytable

You can set your bet between 1 and 1,000 credits per shot, so there is good scope for all types of player. The fish have different values, starting at 2x for the smallest up to 800x for the three main bosses.

You will receive a payout for every fish you kill; however, remember that the bigger the payout, the harder it will be to defeat that fish. You will also want to keep an eye out for fish that hold special features, which will be indicated by various rings surrounding them and will trigger some of the bonus features we will look at below.

– The smaller fish are worth between 2x and 20x and will show up most often. The golden bowl is worth 25x.
– Jumbo fish are worth between 20x and 60x.
– Large fish are worth 30x to 500x.
– ‘Boss’ fish (one per round) are worth between 100x and 800x.

The bomb can be exploded, killing all fish on the screen apart from the dragons, bosses and crabs. If no fish appear on the screen, you will win 5x your bet, or up to 5,000x for a well-timed detonation!

Bonus Features

There are so many ways to increase your payouts in Ocean Ruler that we almost didn’t know where to start! Some of the most important things to keep an eye out for in this game are listed below:

1. Multiplier

Fish surrounded by a rainbow ring will randomly trigger a multiplier of 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x when killed.

2. Vortex

The Vortex is triggered when you kill a fish surrounded by a blue ring. The Vortex brings up a whirlpool that will suck in all matching fish, giving you some potentially huge payouts.

3. Chain Reaction

The Chain Reaction fish are encompassed in a ball of green energy. Shoot them down to trigger chain reactions that kill extra fish at random.

4. Rockets

After any regular shot, you may be awarded up to three free rockets that will kill random fish on the screen.

5. Bomb

Alongside all the ocean creatures, you will notice a bomb floating around. Shoot this down to trigger a massive explosion that will kill everything on the screen, excluding the dragons, crabs and bosses. This explosion offers the chance to win the <b>top prize of 5,000x your bet</b>; alternatively, it will award a simple 5x payout if no fish are on-screen.

6. Crabs

Kill the crabs to receive the bonuses they carry on their backs:

– Laser Beam

The laser beam crab will give you a laser that you can click to fire and kill every fish in the laser’s range.

– Big Drill

The big drill crab lets you launch a drill that bounces off the walls of the game and kills every fish that stands in its way. The feature ends with a huge explosion that kills even more fish.

– Cash Bonus

The final crab holds a 5×4 grid with the potential for some large cash bonuses. Starting on the bottom row, click to reveal a prize. If a multiplier is revealed, the feature will end; if you find an up arrow, you will be given the chance to choose again at a higher level. The higher the row, the bigger the prize. The feature ends when you find a multiplier.


Overall, we really enjoyed Ocean Ruler. It was nice to get away from standard free Skywind slots and we could certainly see ourselves playing this for hours! The Space Invaders-style game made this great fun and we loved the various bonus features. If you would prefer a more standard slot machine, check out our favourite free spins slots or try Atlantis Megaways for a more traditional under-the-sea slot adventure.

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